High Wood Corporation is a holding company consisting of nursing care, education, food and beverage service, and retail companies.
Both nursing care, education, food and beverage service, and retail are related to how you live your irreplaceable life.
We would like to play a role as necessary infrastructure of local communities by creating joy while being responsible for getting involved in important things in your life.

It's how much we can provide service which snuggles up to you in nursing care, education, food and beverage service, and retail that we care about.
We need to know how you feel and in what kind of situation you are right now, and feel and support like a family member for that.
We hope that we will be able to help to make your life better even a little through nursing care, education, food and beverage service, and retail.

Keigo Takagi

[CEO's Job History]
April 2004 Was hired as a shop employee by Yutaka Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
September 2005 Was assigned to the corporate development office and engaged in listing preparation and helping to create business policy.
September 2009 Was assigned to the production team and experienced in replenishing products and sales promotion as the chief buyer
April 2011 Was assigned to the human resources team and trained new and existing employees.
April 2012 Engaged as a president's secretary in the secretary's office
February 2014 Resigned from Yutaka Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
March 2014 Inducted as CEO of High Wood Corporation Co., Ltd.


No one can live alone, and anyone has those who support him/her.
There is always a connection among us, but any connection starts from zero.
It is up to you if you make the connection meaningful or meaningless.
Therefore, you had better not forget your feelings of gratitude to the connections.
You cannot live your best life without great connections.
It is High Wood Corporation that creates these great connections.


It is up to your mind how you make use of your connections.
You need to create joy to make use of your connections.
You need to open yourself to others, care about them and think of how you can entertain them.
Being successful in entertaining others brings you joy.
I would like to be a person who can find it joy.


You need to be single-minded and honest to make your connections in the best shape.
Trust that you have gained from your honesty creates joy and gratitude.
You also need to open up and not to hide anything.


Our logo has 3 hearts.
These 3 hearts stand for "Employees", "Clients" and "Customers" who are related to our activities.
We put feeling into our logo that combining these 3 hearts as one brings us the best connections.
Even one of these 3 hearts shouldn not be missing.
We cannot do anything without people mentioned above; therefore, we put our feelings of gratitude into our logo as well.